The majority voted against a motion introduced by Greens Senator Bob Brown, which means that it was unsuccessful. This is the second time that the motion was put to the Senate as there was an error in voting the first time it was put.(See the first division on this motion here. Read the discussion leading up to this second vote on this motion here. ) The motion was:

That the Senate-

(a) condemns the most recent vandalism of ancient Aboriginal rock art on Tasmania’s Tarkine coastline;(Read more about this vandalism on ABC's The World Today.)

(b) expresses its abhorrence at the vandalism;

(c) sends its sympathy to Tasmania’s Aboriginal community;

(d) calls on the Tasmanian Government to vigorously pursue, discover and bring to justice those responsible; and

(e) asks the Commonwealth to take all due action to uphold the Burra Charter, to bring those responsible for this outrage to justice and to prevent any recurrence of such destructive behaviour against Australia’s heritage.


Votes Not passed by a small majority

Nobody rebelled against their party.

Party Votes
Australian Democrats (100% turnout) 4 Yes 0 No
Lyn Allison Victoria Yes
Andrew Bartlett Queensland Yes
Andrew Murray WA Yes
Natasha Stott Despoja SA Yes
Australian Greens (100% turnout) 4 Yes 0 No
Bob Brown Tasmania Yes
Christine Milne Tasmania Yes
Kerry Nettle NSW Yes
Rachel Siewert WA Yes
Australian Labor Party (78% turnout) 21 Yes 0 No
Carol Brown Tasmania Yes
Kim Carr Victoria Yes
Stephen Conroy Victoria Yes
Trish Crossin NT Yes
John Faulkner NSW Yes
Annette Hurley SA Yes
Linda Kirk SA Yes
Joe Ludwig Queensland Yes
Gavin Marshall Victoria Yes
Anne McEwen SA Yes
Jan McLucas Queensland Yes
Claire Moore Queensland Yes
Kerry O'Brien Tasmania Yes
Helen Polley Tasmania Yes
Robert Ray Victoria Yes
Nick Sherry Tasmania Yes
Ursula Stephens NSW Yes
Glenn Sterle WA Yes
Ruth Webber WA Yes
Penny Wong SA Yes
Dana Wortley SA Yes
Mark Bishop WA Absent
George Campbell NSW Absent
Chris Evans WA Absent
Michael Forshaw NSW Absent
Steve Hutchins NSW Absent
Kate Lundy ACT Absent
Nigel Scullion NT Country Liberal Party No
John Hogg Queensland Deputy President Absent
Steve Fielding Victoria Family First Party Absent
Liberal Party (84% turnout) 0 Yes 26 No
Eric Abetz Tasmania No
Judith Adams WA No
Guy Barnett Tasmania No
George Brandis Queensland No
Grant Chapman SA No
Richard Colbeck Tasmania No
Alan Eggleston WA No
Chris Ellison WA No
Alan Ferguson SA No
Jeannie Ferris SA No
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells NSW No
Mitch Fifield Victoria No
Bill Heffernan NSW No
David Johnston WA No
Rod Kemp Victoria No
Ross Lightfoot WA No
Ian Macdonald Queensland No
Brett Mason Queensland No
Stephen Parry Tasmania No
Marise Payne NSW No
Michael Ronaldson Victoria No
Santo Santoro Queensland No
Judith Troeth Victoria No
Russell Trood Queensland No
Amanda Vanstone SA No
John Watson Tasmania No
Ian Campbell WA Absent
Helen Coonan NSW Absent
Gary Humphries ACT Absent
Nick Minchin SA Absent
Kay Patterson Victoria Absent
National Party (80% turnout) 0 Yes 4 No
Ron Boswell Queensland No
Sandy Macdonald NSW No
Julian McGauran Victoria No
Fiona Nash NSW No
Barnaby Joyce Queensland Absent
Paul Calvert Tasmania President No
Totals (81% turnout) 29 Yes – 32 No