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These divisions relate to the policy “for increasing the price of tobacco”. Compare how a supporter of the policy would have voted to the division outcome.

14th Sep 2016, 7:10 PM – Senate Excise Tariff Amendment (Tobacco) Bill 2016, Customs Tariff Amendment (Tobacco) Bill 2016 - Third Reading - Pass the bill - Division No. 4

Supporters vote “Yes (strong)”

Party Yes No
Australian Greens (100% turnout) 9
Australian Labor Party (58% turnout) 15
Country Liberal Party (0.0% turnout)
Derryn Hinch's Justice Party (100% turnout) 1
Deputy President (0.0% turnout)
Family First Party (0.0% turnout)
Independent (200% turnout) 2
Liberal Democratic Party (100% turnout) 1
Liberal National Party (50% turnout) 1
Liberal Party (59% turnout) 13
National Party (75% turnout) 3
Nick Xenophon Team (33% turnout) 1
Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party (50% turnout) 1 1
President (0.0% turnout)
Totals (63% turnout) 46 2

The majority voted in favour of a motion to pass the Excise Tariff Amendment (Tobacco) Bill 2016 and the Customs Tariff Amendment (Tobacco) Bill 2016. In parliamentary jargon, they voted to read the bills for a third time.

As the bills have already passed in the House of Representatives, they will now become law.

Main idea of the bills

The bills increase the excise and excise equivalent customs duty on tobacco. Their objective is "to improve the health of Australians by reducing their exposure to tobacco products". Learn more about the bills in the bills digest.