How George Campbell voted compared to someone who believes that the federal government should administer the paid parental leave scheme rather than employers

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14th Jun 2007, 9:45 AM – Senate Motions - Paid Maternity Leave - Government funded paid maternity leave

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The majority voted against a motion introduced by Greens Senator Kerry Nettle and also on behalf of Australian Democrats Senator Natasha Stott Despoja. This means that the motion was rejected.

The motion was:

That the Senate- (a) notes that Australia and the United States of America are the only two Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries without a national paid maternity leave scheme; (b) congratulates marie claire for its ‘Push It’ campaign calling for mandatory paid maternity leave; and(Read more about the campaign here.) (c) calls on the Government to legislate for government-funded paid maternity leave.


No Yes Not passed by a large majority

How "voted consistently against" is worked out

The MP's votes count towards a weighted average where the most important votes get 50 points, less important votes get 10 points, and less important votes for which the MP was absent get 2 points. In important votes the MP gets awarded the full 50 points for voting the same as the policy, 0 points for voting against the policy, and 25 points for not voting. In less important votes, the MP gets 10 points for voting with the policy, 0 points for voting against, and 1 (out of 2) if absent.

Then, the number gets converted to a simple english language phrase based on the range of values it's within.

No of votes Points Out of
Most important votes (50 points)      
MP voted with policy 0 0 0
MP voted against policy 0 0 0
MP absent 0 0 0
Less important votes (10 points)      
MP voted with policy 0 0 0
MP voted against policy 1 0 10
Less important absentees (2 points)      
MP absent* 0 0 0
Total: 0 10

*Pressure of other work means MPs or Senators are not always available to vote – it does not always indicate they have abstained. Therefore, being absent on a less important vote makes a disproportionatly small difference.

Agreement score = MP's points / total points = 0 / 10 = 0.0%.

And then