How David Leyonhjelm voted compared to someone who believes that the federal government should increase funding for public schools and prioritise their funding over non-government (private) schools

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17th Oct 2018, 3:42 PM – Senate Motions - Schools - Fund public schools

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The majority voted against a motion introduced by Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, which means it failed.

Motion text

That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) the Liberal-National Federal Government has announced it will give an additional $4 billion to the Catholic and Independent school sectors following an intense lobbying campaign, and

(ii) public schools, despite teaching two in three students in Australia, are underfunded and, under the current system, almost 90 per cent of public schools will not receive the funding they need to meet the educational needs of their students; and

(b) calls on the Federal Government to cancel the special deal with Catholic and Independent schools, and commit to funding public schools fairly, including diverting the full $4 billion into underfunded public schools.

No Yes Not passed by a modest majority

How "voted very strongly against" is worked out

The MP's votes count towards a weighted average where the most important votes get 50 points, less important votes get 10 points, and less important votes for which the MP was absent get 2 points. In important votes the MP gets awarded the full 50 points for voting the same as the policy, 0 points for voting against the policy, and 25 points for not voting. In less important votes, the MP gets 10 points for voting with the policy, 0 points for voting against, and 1 (out of 2) if absent.

Then, the number gets converted to a simple english language phrase based on the range of values it's within.

No of votes Points Out of
Most important votes (50 points)      
MP voted with policy 0 0 0
MP voted against policy 0 0 0
MP absent 0 0 0
Less important votes (10 points)      
MP voted with policy 0 0 0
MP voted against policy 1 0 10
Less important absentees (2 points)      
MP absent* 0 0 0
Total: 0 10

*Pressure of other work means MPs or Senators are not always available to vote – it does not always indicate they have abstained. Therefore, being absent on a less important vote makes a disproportionatly small difference.

Agreement score = MP's points / total points = 0 / 10 = 0.0%.

And then