How Russell Broadbent voted compared to someone who believes that the federal government should increase their support of Australia's dairy industry by, for example, regulating increased milk prices

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20th Feb 2019, 10:02 AM – Representatives Motions - Dairy Industry - Government intervention required

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The majority voted against a motion introduced by Hunter MP Joel Fitzgibbon, which means it failed.

Motion text

That the House:

(1) notes that:

(a) Australia's dairy farmers are caught in a long-running cost-price squeeze, where they are paid less than the cost of producing their milk; and

(b) Government intervention is needed to save our dairy sector and our dairy farmers; and

(2) therefore, calls on the Government to task the ACCC with testing the efficacy of a minimum farm gate milk price and to make recommendations on the best design options.

absent Yes Not passed by a small majority

How "never voted" is worked out

Normally a person's votes count towards a score which is used to work out a simple phrase to summarise their position on a policy. However in this case Russell Broadbent was absent during all divisions for this policy. So, it's impossible to say anything concrete other than that they have "never voted" on this policy.