How Craig Thomson voted compared to someone who believes that the federal government should limit the availability of government social security payments

Division Craig Thomson Supporters vote Division outcome

5th Feb 2013, 8:20 PM – Representatives Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Income Support Bonus) Bill 2012 - Second Reading - Read a second time

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The majority voted in favour of a motion to read the bill for a second time.(Read more about the stages that a bill must pass through to become law here. ) This means that the majority agree with the main idea of the bill and can now consider it in greater detail.

Background to the bill

The bill was introduced to allow for an Income Support Bonus payment to be paid to certain income support recipients. This payment would be made twice yearly to certain income support recipients from March 2013 and was announced as a measure in the 2012–13 Budget to "assist with cost of living pressures".(Read more about these measures and their background in the bills digest.)

absent No Passed by a small majority

How "never voted" is worked out

Normally a person's votes count towards a score which is used to work out a simple phrase to summarise their position on a policy. However in this case Craig Thomson was absent during all divisions for this policy. So, it's impossible to say anything concrete other than that they have "never voted" on this policy.