The majority voted against an amendment introduced by Victorian Senator Jane Hume (Liberal), which means it failed.

Amendment text

(1) Page 63 (after line 2), at the end of the Bill, add:

Schedule 9 — Campaign organisations

Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984

1 At the end of subsection 11(4)


; (d) a body nominated under section 11A.

2 After section 11


11A Campaign organisations

(1) Where a proposed law for the alteration of the Constitution is to be submitted to the electors, the Minister must, within 2 weeks of the passage of the proposed law, by writing nominate:

(a) a body (the Yes campaign organisation) to campaign in favour of the proposed law; and

(b) a body (the No campaign organisation) to campaign against the proposed law.

(2) The Minister must ensure that the Yes campaign organisation and the No campaign organisation are allocated equal amounts of money for the purposes of the administration and operation of each campaign organisation.

(3) Payments under this section shall be made out of moneys appropriated by the Parliament by another Act.

(4) A body nominated by the Minister under subsection (1) ceases to be a nominated body the day after the voting day of a referendum.

3 After subsection 89(4A)


(4B) A body nominated by the Minister under subsection 11A(1), or a person authorised by the body to act under this section, may appoint persons to act as scrutineers during the scrutiny at each counting centre, but the number of scrutineers for each body must not exceed the number of officers who are engaged in the scrutiny at each counting centre.

Votes Not passed by a small majority

Nobody rebelled against their party.

Party Votes
Australian Greens (109% turnout) 0 Yes 12 No
Penny Allman-Payne Queensland No
Dorinda Cox WA No
Mehreen Faruqi NSW No
Sarah Hanson-Young SA No
Nick McKim Tasmania No
Barbara Pocock SA No
Janet Rice Victoria No
David Shoebridge NSW No
Jordon Steele-John WA No
Lidia Thorpe Victoria No
Larissa Waters Queensland No
Peter Whish-Wilson Tasmania No
Australian Labor Party (68% turnout) 0 Yes 17 No
Tim Ayres NSW No
Carol Brown Tasmania No
Anthony Chisholm Queensland No
Raff Ciccone Victoria No
Don Farrell SA No
Nita Green Queensland No
Karen Grogan SA No
Jenny McAllister NSW No
Deborah O'Neill NSW No
Fatima Payman WA No
Helen Polley Tasmania No
Louise Pratt WA No
Tony Sheldon NSW No
Jana Stewart Victoria No
Anne Urquhart Tasmania No
Jess Walsh Victoria No
Murray Watt Queensland No
Catryna Bilyk Tasmania Absent
Patrick Dodson WA Absent
Katy Gallagher ACT Absent
Malarndirri McCarthy NT Absent
Marielle Smith SA Absent
Glenn Sterle WA Absent
Linda White Victoria Absent
Penny Wong SA Absent
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price NT Country Liberal Party Absent
Andrew McLachlan SA Deputy President Yes
David Pocock ACT Independent No
Lidia Thorpe Victoria Independent Absent
Jacqui Lambie Network (50% turnout) 0 Yes 1 No
Tammy Tyrrell Tasmania No
Jacqui Lambie Tasmania Absent
Liberal National Party (50% turnout) 1 Yes 0 No
James McGrath Queensland Yes
Matthew Canavan Queensland Absent
Liberal Party (74% turnout) 17 Yes 0 No
Alex Antic SA Yes
Wendy Askew Tasmania Yes
Michaelia Cash WA Yes
Claire Chandler Tasmania Yes
Richard Colbeck Tasmania Yes
Jonathon Duniam Tasmania Yes
Sarah Henderson Victoria Yes
Jane Hume Victoria Yes
Kerrynne Liddle SA Yes
Matt O'Sullivan WA Yes
James Paterson Victoria Yes
Marise Payne NSW Yes
Gerard Rennick Queensland Yes
Linda Reynolds WA Yes
Paul Scarr Queensland Yes
Dean Smith WA Yes
David Van Victoria Yes
Simon Birmingham SA Absent
Andrew Bragg NSW Absent
Slade Brockman WA Absent
David Fawcett SA Absent
Hollie Hughes NSW Absent
Anne Ruston SA Absent
National Party (75% turnout) 3 Yes 0 No
Ross Cadell NSW Yes
Perin Davey NSW Yes
Bridget McKenzie Victoria Yes
Susan McDonald Queensland Absent
Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party (50% turnout) 1 Yes 0 No
Malcolm Roberts Queensland Yes
Pauline Hanson Queensland Absent
Sue Lines WA President Absent
Ralph Babet Victoria United Australia Party Yes
Totals (73% turnout) 24 Yes – 31 No