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senate vote 2021-03-18#1

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  • Business Consideration of Legislation
  • Business - Consideration of Legislation - Put the question


  • <p class="speaker">Simon Birmingham</p>
  • <p>I seek leave to move a motion relating to the consideration of legislation.</p>
  • <p>Leave not granted.</p>
  • <p>Pursuant to continent notice standing in my name, I move:</p>
  • <p class="italic">That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would prevent Senator Birmingham moving a motion to provide for the consideration of a matter, namely a motion to provide that a motion relating to the consideration of legislation may be moved immediately and determined without amendment or debate.</p>
  • <p>This motion provides for finalisation of the Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia's Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2021, which the chamber has been debating for some number of days. It also provides for consideration of the Social Services Legislation (Strengthening Income Support) Bill 2021 and non-controversial matters for today. It preserves the Senate's opportunity to consider formal motions and have them voted upon today, as well as other ordinary business, including question time. I would also flag the government's intention to bring to the chamber later today legislation in relation to the parliamentary workplaces inquiry and the protection of information provided to the parliamentary workplaces inquiry. And I move:</p>
  • <p class="italic">That the question be now put.</p>
  • <p class="speaker">Scott Ryan</p>
  • <p>The question is that the motion moved by Senator Birmingham be now put.</p>
  • The majority voted in favour of a [motion]( to "*put the question*" - parliamentary jargon for ending discussion and voting on the [motion in question]( straight away.