The majority voted in favour of a motion introduced by Labor Senator Deborah O'Neill, which means it was successful.

Motion text

That the Senate—

(a) notes:

(i) the importance of jobs on the Central Coast, and the vital role that governments can play in delivering those opportunities, stimulating the local economy, and stimulating quality infrastructure that benefits business, workers, and the broader community,

(ii) the broad community opposition to the Federal Government's announced intention to build a Commonwealth government building on prime waterfront land already earmarked for other projects, including a Regional Performing Arts Centre,

(iii) the Federal Government's decision to do a deal with the New South Wales Government wherein the New South Wales Department of Education will sell off at least one third of the site of the now demolished Gosford Public School, thus breaking with community expectations,

(iv) the lack of clarity around the cost of the land, and how developers and/or the owners of the site will recoup lost income from only constructing a four storey building on a site zoned for up to 16 storeys,

(v) the serious concerns around the tender process wherein some applicants appeared to be given additional information about the proposal, creating unfair advantages, and

(vi) the lack of transparency with which this site was chosen, with no community consultation, local tenderers overlooked, and other potential sites ignored; and

(b) calls on the Federal Government to:

(i) abandon its decision to locate its new building on the Gosford Waterfront, and for a new location to be determined,

(ii) immediately halt all proceedings in regard to the proposed Gosford Australian Taxation Office development on the Old Gosford Public School site,

(iii) broadly consult with the community in their planning for any infrastructure investment on the Central Coast,

(iv) apply procurement principles that advantage local developers and builders for the project to ensure better local job opportunities, and

(v) honour its commitment to provide $10 million to match equal funds from the local council and the New South Wales State Government to advance a centre for performing arts on the Gosford Waterfront as an integrated iconic element of the revitalisation of the Old Gosford Public School site.

Votes Passed by a small majority

Nobody rebelled against their party.

Party Votes
Australian Greens (90% turnout) 9 Yes 0 No
Richard Di Natale Victoria Yes
Sarah Hanson-Young SA Yes
Scott Ludlam WA Yes
Nick McKim Tasmania Yes
Lee Rhiannon NSW Yes
Janet Rice Victoria Yes
Rachel Siewert WA Yes
Robert Simms SA Yes
Peter Whish-Wilson Tasmania Yes
Larissa Waters Queensland Absent
Australian Labor Party (83% turnout) 20 Yes 0 No
Catryna Bilyk Tasmania Yes
Carol Brown Tasmania Yes
Joe Bullock WA Yes
Kim Carr Victoria Yes
Jacinta Collins Victoria Yes
Stephen Conroy Victoria Yes
Sam Dastyari NSW Yes
Alex Gallacher SA Yes
Katy Gallagher ACT Yes
Chris Ketter Queensland Yes
Joe Ludwig Queensland Yes
Jenny McAllister NSW Yes
Anne McEwen SA Yes
Jan McLucas Queensland Yes
Claire Moore Queensland Yes
Deborah O'Neill NSW Yes
Nova Peris NT Yes
Helen Polley Tasmania Yes
Lisa Singh Tasmania Yes
Anne Urquhart Tasmania Yes
Doug Cameron NSW Absent
Sue Lines WA Absent
Glenn Sterle WA Absent
Penny Wong SA Absent
Ricky Muir Victoria Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Yes
Nigel Scullion NT Country Liberal Party No
Gavin Marshall Victoria Deputy President Yes
Bob Day SA Family First Party Yes
Glenn Lazarus Queensland Independent Yes
John Madigan Victoria Independent Yes
Nick Xenophon SA Independent Yes
Jacqui Lambie Tasmania Independent Absent
David Leyonhjelm NSW Liberal Democratic Party Yes
Liberal National Party (50% turnout) 0 Yes 1 No
Matthew Canavan Queensland No
James McGrath Queensland Absent
Liberal Party (88% turnout) 0 Yes 22 No
Eric Abetz Tasmania No
Christopher Back WA No
Cory Bernardi SA No
Simon Birmingham SA No
David Bushby Tasmania No
Michaelia Cash WA No
Richard Colbeck Tasmania No
Sean Edwards SA No
David Fawcett SA No
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells NSW No
Mitch Fifield Victoria No
Bill Heffernan NSW No
David Johnston WA No
Jo Lindgren Queensland No
Ian Macdonald Queensland No
Linda Reynolds WA No
Michael Ronaldson Victoria No
Anne Ruston SA No
Scott Ryan Victoria No
Zed Seselja ACT No
Arthur Sinodinos NSW No
Dean Smith WA No
George Brandis Queensland Absent
Mathias Cormann WA Absent
Marise Payne NSW Absent
National Party (75% turnout) 0 Yes 3 No
Bridget McKenzie Victoria No
Fiona Nash NSW No
John Williams NSW No
Barry O'Sullivan Queensland Absent
Nick Xenophon SA Nick Xenophon Team Absent
Dio Wang WA Palmer United Party Yes
Stephen Parry Tasmania President No
Totals (86% turnout) 37 Yes – 28 No