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representatives vote 2021-10-18#4

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  • Motions Climate Change
  • Motions - Climate Change - Stop Opposition Leader from speaking


  • <p class="speaker">Anthony Albanese</p>
  • <p>I move:</p>
  • <p class="italic">That so much of standing orders be suspended as would prevent the Leader of the Opposition moving the following motion immediately:</p>
  • <p class="italic">That the House&#8212;</p>
  • <p class="italic">(1) notes that</p>
  • <p class="italic">(a) the government has failed to back a legislated target of net zero emissions by 2050;</p>
  • <p class="italic">(b) the Prime Minister always does too little, too late, saying he didn't hold a hose during the bushfire crisis, saying it wasn't a race on COVID vaccines, and saying hospital capacity is the responsibility of the states;</p>
  • <p class="italic">(c) the Prime Minister prefers slogans to leadership, with the Prime Minister claiming electric vehicles will end the weekend, saying the world's biggest battery to store renewable energy is as useful as the Big Banana, and describing renewable energy targets as 'nuts';</p>
  • <p class="italic">(d) so great is the dysfunction inside the government, the Prime Minister is allowing climate policy to be set by his Deputy Prime Minister and the National Party; and</p>
  • <p class="italic">(e) government members who claim they support a net zero by 2050 target voted against one today, including the Treasurer, the member for Higgins, the member for North Sydney, the member for Mackellar, the member for Wentworth, the member for Reid, the member for Leichhardt, the member for Riverina, and the member for Gippsland; and</p>
  • <p class="italic">(2) therefore condemns the government for voting against the legislated target of net zero emissions by 2050.</p>
  • <p>This is no longer a government; it's a shambles. It's a shambles whereby we're waiting for the National Party to tell&#8212;</p>
  • <p class="speaker">Tony Smith</p>
  • <p>The Leader of the Opposition will resume his seat. The Leader of the House has the call.</p>
  • <p class="speaker">Peter Dutton</p>
  • <p>I move:</p>
  • <p class="italic">That the Member be no longer heard.</p>
  • <p class="speaker">Tony Smith</p>
  • <p>The question is that the Leader of the Opposition be no further heard.</p>
  • <p></p>
  • <p></p>
  • <p>Is the motion seconded?</p>
  • The majority voted in favour of stopping Grayndler MP [Anthony Albanese]( (Labor) from speaking anymore in this debate. In parliamentary jargon they voted:
  • > *That the Member be no longer heard.*
  • These motions are known as *gagging orders*.