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representatives vote 2021-02-02#2

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  • Motions Member for Hughes
  • Motions - Member for Hughes - Stop MP Kearney from speaking


  • <p class="speaker">Tony Smith</p>
  • <p>Is the motion seconded?</p>
  • <p class="speaker">Ged Kearney</p>
  • <p>I second the motion. The member for Hughes is a dangerous fool, and a real leader would have dealt with him by now.</p>
  • <p class="speaker">Darren Chester</p>
  • <p>In moving that the member be no longer heard I'd also ask the member to withdraw that statement.</p>
  • <p class="speaker">Tony Smith</p>
  • <p>Members on both sides, it may be the first day but 94(a) certainly applies. I'm just going to say to both sides: I hear people interjecting saying it should be withdrawn. If that's the case, there'll be a lot of withdrawals through question time. I'd have to go back through pages and pages of <i>Hansard</i> to do that. The minister.</p>
  • <p class="speaker">Darren Chester</p>
  • <p>I move:</p>
  • <p class="italic">That the Member be no longer heard.</p>
  • <p class="speaker">Tony Smith</p>
  • <p>The question is that the member for Cooper be no further heard.</p>
  • The majority voted in favour of a [motion](
  • > *That the Member [Cooper MP [Ged Kearney]( (Labor)] be no longer heard.*
  • This means that Ms Kearney won't be able to speak any further in this debate. These motions are known as *gagging motions*.