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  • Bills — National Disability Insurance Scheme Amendment (Streamlined Governance) Bill 2019; Second Reading
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Amendment (Streamlined Governance) Bill 2019 - Second Reading - Disagree with bill's main idea


  • <p class='motion-notice motion-notice-truncated'>Long debate text truncated.</p>
  • The majority voted against an [amendment]( to the usual [second reading motion](, which is that the bill be read for a second time. Reading a bill for a second time is the same as agreeing with its main idea.
  • ### Main idea of the bill
  • According to the [bills digest](, this bill was introduced in order to:
  • > * *introduce new requirements for appointments to the Board of the National Disability Insurance Agency (the Agency) and the Independent Advisory Council*
  • >
  • > * *establish a 28 day requirement for consultation with host jurisdictions for certain matters and*
  • >
  • > * *re-categorise some of the National Disability Insurance Scheme rules (NDIS rules) from Category A and Category C to Category D.*
  • ### Motion text
  • > *That all words after "That" be omitted with a view to substituting the following words:*
  • >
  • > *"the House:*
  • >
  • > *(1) declines to give the bill a second reading; and*
  • >
  • > *(2) calls on the Government to introduce legislation to provide that, after a mandated period of time, decisions under the scheme are deemed to be approved, including but not limited to decisions concerned with:*
  • >
  • >> *(a) planning, plan reviews, amendments, and appeals of planning decisions;*
  • >>
  • >> *(b) provision of services under the scheme including assistive technology, home modifications, and care; and*
  • >>
  • >> *(c) settlement of invoices owed to service providers."*