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  • Motions Deputy Prime Minister
  • Motions - Deputy Prime Minister - Let a vote happen


  • <p class="motion-notice motion-notice-notext">No motion text available</p>
  • The majority voted against a motion to let a vote on the Deputy Prime Minister [Barnaby Joyce]( happen. In parliamentary jargon, they voted against a motion to suspend [standing and sessional orders](
  • This motion was made in the context of the revelation that [MP Joyce is a New Zealand citizen](
  • ### Motion text
  • > *That so much of the [standing and sessional orders]( be suspended as would prevent the Manager of Opposition Business from moving the following motion immediately—*
  • > *The House:*
  • > *(1) notes:*
  • >> *(a) this House has unanimously asked the High Court to determine if the Deputy Prime Minister was ever validly elected to Parliament;*
  • >> *(b) the Government refuses to release the Solicitor-General’s advice on which the entire legitimacy of this Government rests;*
  • >> *(c) the Government refuses to even state whether it has sought advice on the risk to a legal challenge to the Deputy Prime Minister’s ministerial decisions;*
  • >> *(d) significant ministerial decisions of the Deputy Prime Minister are being delayed, including decisions which would bring power prices down for Australians; and*
  • >> *(e) despite the current doubts over the legality of the Deputy Prime Minister’s ministerial actions, tomorrow the Prime Minister will risk the entire legitimacy of the Government by leaving the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the nation; and*
  • > *(2) therefore, calls on the Prime Minister to:*
  • >> *(a) direct his Deputy Prime Minister to immediately stand aside; and*
  • >> *(b) stop abusing the trust of the Australian people by being so reckless with the leadership of the nation.*