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  • Bills — Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill 2016; Second Reading
  • Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill 2016 - Second Reading - Agree with the bill's main idea


  • <p class="speaker">Tony Smith</p>
  • <p>The question is that this bill be now read a second time.</p>
  • The majority voted to agree with the main idea of the bill, which means the House of Representatives can now discuss it in more detail. In parliamentary jargon, they voted to read the bill [for a second time](
  • ### What is the bill's main idea?
  • According to the [bill's homepage](;query=Id:legislation/billhome/r5684), the main purpose of the bill is to reduce the rate of corporate (or company) tax rate. First for small businesses and then for all corporate tax entities.
  • More information is available in the [bills digest](