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These divisions relate to the policy “for high speed rail on the east coast”. Compare how a supporter of the policy would have voted to the division outcome.

12th May 2010, 4:09 PM – Senate Motions - High Speed Rail Network - Feasibility study - Division No. 5

Supporters vote “Yes”

Party Yes No
Australian Greens (100% turnout) 5
Australian Labor Party (45% turnout) 14
Country Liberal Party (100% turnout) 1
Deputy President (0.0% turnout)
Family First Party (100% turnout) 1
Independent (100% turnout) 1
Liberal Party (33% turnout) 10
National Party (60% turnout) 3
President (0.0% turnout)
Totals (46% turnout) 7 28

The majority voted against a motion introduced by Greens Senator Bob Brown (Tas), which means it was unsuccessful.


That the Senate calls on the Government to commission a feasibility study into the staged construction of a high speed rail network on the east coast of Australia, which could deliver accessible fast, reliable, ecologically-sustainable long-distance transport.


Only 46% of the Senate was present for this vote, meaning less than half of all Senators voted on this motion.