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  • Bills — Primary Industries (Customs) Charges Amendment (Dairy Cattle Export Charge) Bill 2020; Second Reading
  • Primary Industries (Customs) Charges Amendment (Dairy Cattle Export Charge) Bill 2020 - Second Reading - Against live export


  • <p class="speaker">The Acting Deputy President</p>
  • <p>Order! The time allotted for the remaining stages of the bill has expired. I will deal with the second reading amendment moved by the Australian Greens. The question is that the second reading amendment on sheet 8988, circulated by the Australian Greens, be agreed to.</p>
  • <p>The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT (16:43): The question now is that the bill be read a second time.</p>
  • The majority voted against an amendment introduced by the Australian Greens, which means it failed. The amendment would have added the text below to the usual [second reading motion]( "*that the bill be read a second time*." Reading a bill for a second time is parliamentary jargon for agreeing with the main idea of the bill.
  • ### Amendment text
  • > *At the end of the motion, add ", but the Senate:*
  • >
  • > *(a) notes with concern:*
  • >
  • >> *(i) the inherent cruelty of the live export trade, including the well documented impacts of heat stress on sheep and cattle during voyages departing Australia, and*
  • >>
  • >> *(ii) that thousands of animals die from heat stress and overcrowding on live export ships; and*
  • >
  • > *(b) calls on the Government to:*
  • >
  • >> *(i) bring an end to the live export industry in Australia,*
  • >>
  • >> *(ii) ensure that all funds raised by the dairy export cattle charge, including co-contributions from the Australian Government, be allocated directly to animal health and welfare initiatives, and*
  • >>
  • >> *(iii) ensure that all animal health and welfare initiatives, including research, is undertaken transparently with regular public reporting and appropriate oversight."*
  • ### What is the bill's main idea?
  • According to the [bills digest](, the purpose of the bill is to:
  • * *provide for the imposition of an export charge on the export of dairy cattle and*
  • * *amend the rate provision to provide for two different rates of charges—a per head charge on dairy cattle and a per kilogram charge on cattle other than dairy cattle.*